Are you a human resource or payroll manager and tired of trying to figure out and calculate Bermuda employee payroll taxes? Then Blue Bison software is exactly what you need.  We completely automate the Bermuda payroll tax calculation and reporting process, no more spreadsheets and you're done in minutes, not hours or days. Blue Bison is a human resources and payroll management software designed for Bermuda and created for small mid and large size businesses. With an average cost of just $7 per employee per month. Blue bison simplifying HR and payroll.

HR Manager (HRM)

For large or growing businesses, managing HR processes, personnel records and day-to-day staff administration can become a burdensome and time-consuming task. HRM is a software application that has been developed as a management tool to streamline the HR function. It centralises all personnel activities into a “ easy to use HRM and Payroll solution suitable for businesses of all sizes...” fully integrated system, including core HR functions such as payroll and employee data, as well as workforce management functions such as attendance tracking and holiday requests, and strategic HR functions such as training and performance reviews. Currently being used to process more than 3,800 employees each month both in Cayman and Bermuda.

HRM's Core Functions


Multiple Jurisdictions & Currencies


Track Employee Immigration Status

Critical Reminders

Electronic Document & Work Permit Forms

Holidays & Attendance

Employee Records

Employee Self-Service

Holiday Requests