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Why Us

Offshore solutions, local support.

Blue Bison has been developing and supporting offshore compliance software for over 15 years.   We have the unique skills and capability with an extensive client list to support our clients where they use our products.

Some of the biggest most respected companies in the financial and other industries have been relying on us for a long time to make sure their compliance systems are “best of breed”. They are the top companies for a reason—they are organized, and they understand the wise use of resources. They also understand value versus price.

We also meet the needs of the smaller companies whether in the retail, tourism, legal or distribution sectors our Blue Bison HR Manager provides them with a very affordable solution to manage their staff, payroll, immigration and regulatory obligations.

Smaller financial firms have historically struggled with KYC, and more recently with FATCA, because of the steep financial resources required to implement compliant solutions under the regulations, which is easily available to the deep pockets of bigger firms. As the cost and impact of non-compliance under multiple threads of regulation continues to rise and escalate there is a pressing need for an affordable option.

Blue Bison wants to level the playing field. We’ve taken our front line experience with the “best of breed” solutions and created competitive compliance products specifically for the off shore markets .  Our goal is to help you achieve your next stage of success and reach your business goals.

About Blue Bison

Blue Bison provides packaged software solutions for Governance Risk & Compliance with a specific focus on extended KYC and AML, including all variations of FATCA.

Join the Team

To maintain such a high level of service, we’re constantly on the lookout for talent. If you think you’ve got what it takes to work in a passionate, fast-paced environment – get in touch with us.