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Time and Attendance

Efficiently managing time and attendance for your hourly workers is a critical aspect of payroll processing. Blue Bison takes the hassle out of this process by seamlessly integrating with Time & Attendance Software.

Our integration with time & attendance software is designed to provide a seamless transfer of data from the time and attendance software to your payroll system. This means that you can trust that your payroll calculations are based on accurate and up-to-date attendance records.

Time Clock Plus Integration

Blue Bison provides seamless time and attendance tracking for hourly workers through integration with Time Clock Plus (TCP). TCP is a globally recognized time and attendance software catering to organizations of various sizes in both public and private sectors. TCP Software's comprehensive suite automates timekeeping, scheduling, and labor-related tasks while optimizing cost control, risk management, and operational efficiency.

Hours Import (1).png

Hours Import

Blue Bison offers the ability to import hours from most time & attendance software and POS software. We have two hour import formats that formats this facilitates a smooth transfer of data from your time and attendance software to payroll. It supports multiple job codes with distinct rates, making it well-suited for intricate hourly payroll scenarios.

Discover how Blue Bison s


Time & Attendance Integration can streamline your payroll operations, save you time, and enhance the accuracy of your payroll calculations. Schedule a demo today and experience the future of time and attendance tracking integrated seamlessly into your payroll.

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