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HR Management Solutions

A seamless end-to-end HR and Payroll solution. At Blue Bison, we have built an HR solution that prioritizes the tools that are important to Caribbean businesses. With our centralized employee records, superior work permit and immigration tracking module, hassle-free attendance tracking, electronic document storage and reminders.

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Centralized Employee Records 

Efficient HR and payroll management start with organized and easily accessible employee information. Blue Bison's Employee Records Module offers a secure and centralized repository for all your crucial employee data. This module not only enhances your HR processes but also plays a pivotal role in ensuring effective payroll management.

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Document Storage and
HR Templates

Blue Bison enables you to store employee documents in various formats and create customized document categories for organized storage.Additionally, Blue Bison features pre-built and customizable HR templates. When an employee requests a document like an employment verification letter, the template auto-populates with their details, saving the team from starting from scratch.

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Work Permit and
Immigration Tracking

With Blue Bison's work permit and immigration tracking module, you can effortlessly monitor work permit holders. You can track when a permit is submitted, reminders for renewal, annual work permit costs, and generate comprehensive work permit and immigration reports.

The system even comes equipped with built-in work permit forms that automatically fill in employee and employer details, saving considerable time (only available in certain jurisdictions).

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Performance Management, Reminders and Qualification Tracking

This feature enables foundational performance management, encompassing discipline tracking, appraisal scheduling, and prior appraisal form uploads. 

Automated reminders and checklists can be configured to efficiently manage HR and Payroll tasks, enhancing onboarding. Additionally, track Qualifications and Training, with the ability to assign training costs, contributing to overall employee liability calculations.

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Attendance Tracking

Blue Bison offers a highly adaptable vacation and sickness tracking feature. Customize plans globally or per employee, accommodating various needs, including union agreements and blackout periods for the busy season. Seamlessly integrates leave data with payroll, automating calculations for precise vacation and sickpay, and streamlining operations.

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Employee Self Service

Blue Bison provides each employee with convenient access to their personal data and documents through an intuitive employee self-service portal. Navigating the portal is straightforward, empowering employees to independently update their information and retrieve past payslips. This functionality significantly alleviates the HR administrative burden.

The information you opt to share with your employees remains entirely under your control. 

With the Blue Bison,

managing employee records is a breeze. Join the growing number of organizations benefiting from our centralized HR data solution and elevate your HR and payroll processes to new levels of efficiency and accuracy.

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