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HR and Payroll Software Built for the Caribbean

Blue Bison Software streamlines payroll, ensures local compliance, effortlessly handles work permits, and simplifies employee data management.

18,000 monthly subscribers and growing

“We’ve earned the trust of globally renowned brands…”


Process payroll in
minutes, not hours

Automates the entire payroll cycle and distributes payslips. No more manual calculations, reducing errors and saving you valuable time.


Streamline HR 

Centralizes employee records, stores documents, and offers auto reminders, checklists, and staff training performance tracking. Making your HR team's life easier.

At the Office

Stress Free Local
Compliance & Reporting

Blue Bison helps ensure your company remains compliant and penalty-free. Stay up to date with changing regulations related to health, pension, and social security deductions. 

How Blue Bison can Elevate your HR Processes


Processing payroll in the Caribbean can be a major headache. Many businesses in the region struggle with North American and European accounting and payroll software that doesn't align with their unique needs.


We have incorporated local insights into our system, including localized payroll tax calculations, adherence to national health and social security regulations and meticulous management of work permits and

immigration tracking.

An all in one Solution

Automated payroll processing


Vacation and Sickness Tracking

Time attendance, accounting, and global HR software Integration

Work Permit Administration

Centralized employee records

 Easy to use and surprisingly low cost

Local Bank

Works with Apps you Already Use

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Hear from Our Clients

What we love about Blue Bison is that it is custom built for the Bermuda and Cayman payroll landscapes. This combined with the great support we receive from the team at Blue Bison and the fact that they are constantly working on building out additional functionality and improving the software, helps to drive efficient and effective payroll management.

Ricki Thorn
Head of Outsourcing, Acumen Group

Discover the Unique Features Available for Your Jurisdiction

  • What does Blue Bison Software do?
    Blue Bison is an HR and Payroll Software that helps HR teams better manage their workload by storing and organizing all employee information in one place with reminders, auto populated work permit forms, and much more. This information seamlessly flows through to the payroll module, and the system automates the entire payroll process, so it takes minutes, not hours.
  • Is Blue Bison available on my island?
    Originally developed for The Cayman Islands, Bermuda, and the Bahamas, Blue Bison is now rapidly expanding to serve other Caribbean islands. To check if we are available in your location, please visit our locations page.
  • Do you offer time tracking?
    Absolutely! We offer TCP's cutting-edge time and attendance software, which seamlessly integrates with Blue Bison, ensuring accurate and efficient time tracking.
  • Is your support team local?
    Yes, we have an in-house support team with a deep understanding of the unique requirements of Caribbean businesses. Our local team is ready to assist you.
  • Do you integrate with other software?
    Certainly! Blue Bison has an extensive API library, facilitating seamless integration with global HR software such as Bamboo HR and Workday. Additionally, we integrate time and attendance software and accounting software to increase efficiencies.
  • How much does Blue Bison cost?
    Blue Bison’s pricing varies depending on the number of active employees in your organization. Visit our pricing page or call 1 345 325 3000.
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