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Job: Customer Support HR Professional

Job Details:

Overview: Provide pre and post-sales customer support and training for the Blue Bison Human Resource Software (HRM). 

This is a non-technical role, past experience with utilizing HRM software would be ideal. A good understanding of local payroll, pension, health and immigration policies and procedures would be a requirement.

We have clients throughout the Caribbean and Bermuda with over 8,000 employees being processed using Blue Bison HRM and growing each month.  Many of the help-desk calls we receive from our clients are more “how-to” questions relating to the use of the software or how to get the most from the application for their specific business.  Training is key both during the initial install and when we release upgrades to our software (typically 2-3 times a year). More extensive and regular training would reduce the call volume. Much of the support can be given remotely with the occasional visit to a client site for hands on training. We also want to introduce “lunch and learn” sessions for our clients/user group to keep informed on new releases, get their feedback on features they would like to see and also provide “top ten” tips.  This resource would also assist in the pre-sales effort with demonstrations of the software and answer any questions the HR manager or administrators may have.

Having good verbal and written communication skills is a requirement as well as strong empathy when working with the clients (most of our end-user clients are not technical and some require more hand-holding than others). Currently, we see this as a part-time role, say 20 hours per week, very flexible with regard to actual hours worked but do need to be within normal business hours to support the clients.  Flexibility for paid and unpaid vacation if the candidate has family commitments over the school holidays.

To apply, send:

  • your CV

  • a cover letter explaining your skills and how you can benefit Blue Bison

to and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as we can.

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