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June '22 Webinar

Bermuda Payroll, Made Easy!

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Ricki Thorn

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Graham Pearson

Webinar: Bermuda Payroll, Made Easy!


Date: Wednesday, 8th June 2022

Time: 10:00am (9am EST)

Register here:

It is the start of the new tax year. With our tools and knowledge, we help Bermuda-based businesses simplify their payroll process, save money, improve accuracy, and ensure that they are compliant with Bermuda tax legislation.  


We are joined by expert panelists, including members of the Bermuda Government, Department of the Office of The Tax Commissioner alongside Graham Pearson, CEO of Blue Bison Software, an innovative HR/payroll software explicitly designed for Bermuda, and Ricki Thorn, Head of Outsourcing at Acumen Group, a trusted outsourced payroll and accounting services provider.

Things you'll learn.

During this hour-long webinar, we will cover: 

- How technology can cut payroll processing time in half.

- The cost and efficiency savings of outsourcing.

- Live Q&A with the Office of the Tax Commissioner, answering all of your questions relating to Bermuda payroll tax legislation.

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Blue Bison's Story

Established in 2002 in the Cayman Islands, Blue Bison Software was acquired by the Paragon Group of companies and is now part of the portfolio of products owned by Blue Bison Software Ltd, a Cayman-based organisation. 

With its flagship HR/Payroll product, Blue Bison came from humble beginnings developed by a local retail operation to provide basic payroll and HR functionality. Since that time the software has been re-developed and enhanced and today  supports more than 7,000 employees in Cayman, with many more in the other Islands throughout the region.

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