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Why Us

Offshore Solutions | Local Support

Blue Bison has been developing and supporting offshore software for over 15 years.  We have the unique skills and capability with an extensive client list to support our clients both now and in the future.

Whether a large multi-national client with over 1,000 regional employees or a two person single office Blue Bison HR/Payroll software is a great fit. We support all industries; finance, insurance, government, education, hotels, retail, wholesale, tourism, legal or distribution sectors. Our Blue Bison HR Manager provides them with a very affordable solution to manage their staff, payroll, immigration and regulatory obligations.

When we set out to build the best HR/Payroll software for the business communities of Bermuda, Cayman and the rest of the Caribbean, we didn’t imagine that its robustness, stability, agility and reliability would make it the indispensable tool for so many businesses. But that’s just what it’s proven to be, the accolades and thank-you messages continue to arrive, praising Blue Bison as “heaven-sent”, “best-in-class”, and (our favourite) “the little software that could” – all while our tech support team continue to offer unrivalled service to clients existing and recent, small and large. 

Streamline and simplify your HR office and payroll with Blue Bison. It’s affordable, reliable, easily customized and comes with an around-the-clock knowledge base and client support – all for an average of $7 per employee per month

Blue Bison fills a much-needed gap where North American and European solutions do not meet the specific and sometimes complex requirements of the offshore market.

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Our Story

Established in 2002 in the Cayman Islands, Blue Bison Software was acquired by the Paragon Group of companies and is now part of the portfolio of products owned by Blue Bison Software Ltd, a Cayman-based organisation. 

With its flagship HR/Payroll product, Blue Bison came from humble beginnings developed by a local retail operation to provide basic payroll and HR functionality. Since that time the software has been re-developed and enhanced and today  supports more than 7,000 employees in Cayman, with many more in the other Islands throughout the region.

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